Your hosts

Barbara & Shane McMahon

A couple with passion for hospitality

Shane McMahon,
who looks back on decades as a gourmet chef, is passionate about his calling. He loves good products, honest cooking, grilling, exciting combinations and good old down-to-earthness.

What made him the way he is?

His mother Traudl and his father Tony – both enthusiastic cooks, his work with Bobby Bräuer at the Hotel Königshof and with Hans Haas at Munich's famous Tantris restaurant, his experience in catering, as a show and event chef, his strong independent spirit, the cooking courses in his first cooking studio "Shane’s Kitchen", his Irish-Austrian roots and so many great companions along the way all shaped him into what he is today: an unconventional chef who wants to surprise and amaze his guests every day anew.
For Shane, cooking is a never-ending flow. Imagination and craft – at best with the simplest ingredients. And always a little bit out of the ordinary.

Barbara McMahon,
From journalist to wedding planner, and then through Shane to restaurateur.

Barbara is passionate about hosting guests. Always has been. But without Shane she would probably never have taken the leap into gastronomy, encouraging him to open his own business "Shane’s Restaurant" in 2006. 
Barbara is Munich born and bred. An organisational talent and a stickler for details, she loves bringing people together. But what made Barbara and Shane McMahon leave "Shane’s Restaurant" behind them after it being the apple of their eye for a decade?
Well, when Augustiner Brauerei offered the McMahons the historical Asam Schlössl, after the retirement of Birgit Netzle, who had shaped its destiny for the previous 27 years, it didn't take them long to accept.

Steeped in tradition, the Asam Schlössl is quite simply a dream come true. A whole new and completely different gastronomical challenge. After a comprehensive restoration of the Schlössl, Barbara and Shane McMahon reopened the iconic venue on 15 September 2020.